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Best Fake Payment Screenshot Apk 2024 [Prank Payment APK Download]

Today in a world where no one is happy everyone is tense and frustrated with his or her work. So, Today I am here with a Prank App that can bring some joy to your life and you can use it to make your mood feel light and free. The App that today I am going to present to you is related to a fake prank payment apk that can be used to prank your friends, family, colleagues, or anyone whom you want.

In this app, you can generate a fake payment receipt and it can be surprising that you can show or send it to anyone to prank or tease your friends. The App name is Prank Payment APK [Fake Payment App] which is available on our website and can be downloaded using the link given below.

However, it is used for various illegal activities. But the team Mazadownload requests you not to use any activities that are illegal and punishable. This app is only explained here for prank or entertainment purposes. Now Back to the topic in this post, I will share details regarding how to download, install, and use the app.

Best Prank Payment APK (Fake Payment Screenshot Maker)

Fake payment screenshot apk
Fake Payment Screenshot APK
APP NAMEPrank Fake Payment Apk
Size8.4 MB

Prank Payment APK is an application that can create fake payment transactions or payment screenshots to prank any family members or friends. It allows users to create, edit, screenshot, or fake payment screens which can be used to surprise or prank anyone.

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Features of Prank Payment APK

  • Easy to use interface: Prank Payment APK‘s interface is just like a child play which means that anyone can use it effortlessly. The App is designed in such a way that anyone can easily understand how to use and generate fake payments or prank anyone using this app.
  • Reliable and safe to use:  This app is safe to use and has no security concerns about the app, no data access permissions, or any special permissions required to run or generate payment receipts. 
  • Free of cost: Since The Mazadownload team provides this, we always give our users free and best apps. So, no payments or subscriptions are required to use it. It can be simply downloaded and installed from the link given below and you can enjoy this app for absolutely free.
  • Can create unlimited Payment transactions: While making this app we ensured that our users don’t face any limitations or barriers in using any feature provided. So the key element of this app which is unlimited payment transactions is that there should be no Halt or Stoppage during enjoyment time. 
  • A wide and popular range of payment apps included: Inside this app, we have covered every popular UPI app that is widely used and popular among the public. So, that user can create any payment proof of any UPI app without any restrictions. This app comes with popular apps payment proof like Amazon Pay, Paytm, PhonePe, etc. 
  • Fun and entertaining to use: This app is designed for recreational and entertainment purposes and this app fulfills it very well. This app shocks, surprises, and fools another person easily simply by showing the payment receipts. Since the app is related to money pranks everyone is shocked and amazed when he or she sees the receipts and will not be able to guess that it is fake or a prank is going with him or her.

How to download Fake Payment Screenshot Apk

To download the Prank Payment APK, you have to simply click on the download button, you will be redirected to the app download page.Steps to Generate Fake Payment Transactions Screenshots

  • After downloading from the link given you have simply installed the app if the unknown source installation is disabled, you can go to settings and enable it for the browser that you have used to download it.
  • When the app is installed and the home screen of the app opens you will have to choose the payment app of which you want your payment receipt.

Prank Payment APK

  • After choosing any of the payment apps i.e. PhonePe, Amazon Pay, or any other, you have to fill in the required details like Name, Payment Amount, Sender or receiver name, Account details, etc. You can also edit payment time and date. In the advanced setting option, you can also set the transaction number or wallet balance.
  • You can screenshot the payment paid or the final screen and send it to the people whom you want to prank, tease, or surprise him or her.
    Fake payment screenshot maker

    Fake payment screenshot Generator

DISCLAIMER:- Mazadownload requests you to not misuse this app, As misuse of this app is a punishable offence and moral misbehaviour. Team MAZADOWNLOAD is not responsible nor promotes any kind of misuse or illegal use of the Prank Payment APK.

Please make sure that this app is for entertainment purposes only


1. Is Prank Payment APK related to original Payment services?

Ans- No, it is not related to original Payment services in any way.

2. How many payment receipts can be created through this app?

Ans- Unlimited

3. Is there any hidden or subscription charges to use?

Ans- No, It is completely free of cost you do not have to pay any charges.

4. Is there any security concerns or threats in this app?

Ans- No, It is safe.

5. Do we need an Internet connection to generate payment receipts?

Ans- No, It is operable without an internet connection.

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