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PhonePe fake Payment Generator APK [Latest Version 2024]

Are your friends bored of your old prank items like fake calls, messages, or fake social IDs? Now you have to use other methods that will seem realistic, appealing, shocking, and leave them in delusion how is that possible? Here is a new and more effective way to prank your friends using a PhonePe Fake Payment Receipt Generator App.

Everyone knows money is how important for everyone so, this app will surely work for them because it is also an app related to money that they cannot even think in their dreams that you are pranking them using a PhonePe spoof Payment app.

You can use it to create fake PhonePe Payment transactions, Fake payment receipts, or Fake payment screenshots which you can share with your friends, and family members to surprise or prank them. PhonePe Fake Payment is a PhonePe Spoof APK that is an exact clone of the real PhonePe app and it will not be distinguished easily from the original one.

PhonePe fake payment App (FAKE PAYMENT SCREENSHOT MAKER Apk)

phonepe fake payment apk

Phonepe spoof APK

App NamePhonePe Spoof APK
Size8.4 MB

Phonepe fake payment app is an app designed by the developers for recreational or leisure time which generally does not pass easily, you can use this app to prank or for fulfillment of self-satisfaction. Phonepe spoof lets you create some interesting prank situation on which others will be surprised or they have no clues that it might be a prank. This app enables us to create fake transactions, fake payment screenshots, fake wallet balances, or fake payment receipts. This app gives the freedom to spend as much money with no restrictions as there will be no real money transactions.

Features of PhonePe Spoof APK

  • Easy-to-use interface:- The Phonepe fake payment app interface is straightforward and minimalistic just like child play, everyone will be able to use it irrespective of age or vast operation knowledge.
  • safe and secure:- This app is quite safe to use and has no security concerns that will create any major or minor problems while using or in the future. To run this app on your smartphone no major permissions are required, it only needs some basic permissions.
  • Free of cost:- PhonePe Spoof is a free-of-cost app with no hidden charges or subscription model. No payment is also required to download or install, it is available free of cost on our website Mazadownload.
  • Spoof Wallet:- This app features a fake wallet just like the original PhonePe app, in which you can add lakhs of money and you can also transact or use it to make fake payments on the PhonePe spoof app.
  • Multiple Bank Account support:- you can add or edit Bank details just a real bank account, which there will be no hesitation in paying to any bank of any account number that will be great recreational to use. 
  • Exact Replica of PhonePe:- This app is as original as the real PhonePe app makes a more realistic experience, and has almost every payment-related feature.
  • Customized and unlimited fake receipts:- You can generate as many receipts or screenshots as you want without any restrictions. Generated Fake payment receipts can be also customized or edited as per our need, such as you can edit Bank name, UTR number, your name, receipts name, amount, and many other items.

How to Download PhonePe Spoof

PhonePe fake payment or PhonePe Spoof can be downloaded using the following steps given below:-

  1. Click on the Download button present in this post.
  2. A new tab will be opened in your browser, go to the tab opened.
  3. Now, click the section where the Phonepe fake payment app name and size are shown.
  4. On clicking it will start downloading, After downloading install the app.
  5. Allow unknown sources access if required.
  6. Bang! The app is installed on your phone and now you are ready to go.

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Steps to Create Fake PhonePe Receipts

After Downloading the app from the link given in the post, you have to follow the steps given below, and you will be able to generate a fake PhonePe receipt:-
  • On complete installation of the app on your smartphone, open the app, and you will see options to choose one of the payment options from the Homepage. For PhonePe you have to choose the PhonePe tile present on the Home screen, or you can also choose other payment apps. For reference, you can see in the image added below.
Home Page

PhonePe spoof APK: Homescreen

  •  After choosing the PhonePe option, you have to fill in some basic details like Receiver Name, receiver phone Number, Receiver Bank Name, and Last four digits of your bank account. 
phonepe fake payment generator

phonepe fake payment generator

  • After filling in the details put the amount you want to create a fake receipt. You can also set the time and date of the transaction.
  • You can also feed customized transaction ID or UTR  number in the advanced setting option present just below the Amount box.
  • On final submission, A successful PhonePe fake payment screen will appear. Now, you can screenshot or show this fake receipt to anyone.
fake payment screenshot maker apk

phonepe fake payment screenshot

DISCLAIMER:- This app is developed considering it shall be used only for Recreation Purposes. Mazadownload requests you not misuse this app, As misuse of this app is a punishable offence and moral misbehaviour. Team MAZADOWNLOAD is not responsible nor promotes any kind of misuse or illegal use of the Prank Payment APK.


Can PhonePe fake Payment Receipts be generated without the internet?

Yes, You can generate without an internet connection.

Is it safe to use on our smartphones?

Yes, You can use it without any hesitation. It is safe to use.

Is it available on the Play Store?

No, It is not available on the Play Store. It is exclusively available on our website.

Can it be used for real transactions?

No, It is a spoof app, you cannot make any real transactions.

Does it relate to the genuine PhonePe app in any way?

No, It is not related to the genuine PhonePe app.

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