Document scanner app

5 Best Indian Document Scanner App in 2023

Android is a ground for everything. We use mobile phones for various objectives. We use it to scan docs, and receipts, and most of the time we use these scanner apps mobile for making PDFs. As we know that recently many Indian android developers developed a document scanner app for India (Made in India).

Due to this Covid-19, students have to upload their assignments and answer sheets after scanning them and I know you guys are students, I have a list of the 5 Best Apps For IIT JEE Preparation. After the Indian government banned china apps, many buds grew up in our nation and they develop an awesome new scanning app for free.

Document scanner app

Best Indian Document Scanner app

All these buds were not less than the flowers. Let us see top Indian alternatives to Cam Scanner App. We are here to save your time and make your way easy with the 5 best Indian document scanner app in 2023.

Best Document Scanner App For Android

  1. Document Scanner App – (Made in India) PDF Creator

  2. Kaagaz Scanner App

  3. ScanKaro App – Scan PDF (Made in India)

  4. Prodoc Scanner

  5. Scanezy Scanner – India’s No1 Doc Scanner and PDF Manger


Document Scanner App – (Made in India) PDF Creator

Document Scanner App

Document Scanner App

App NameDocument Scanner App – (Made in India) PDF Creator
Developed byLufick
Size29 MB

Install – Document Scanner App

Document Scanner – PDF Creator app is developed by Lufick. This is a portable app that saves your time and energy by scanning documents everything on a run.

  • This app allows you to scan docs by adjusting the scan quality automatically or manually.
  • It allows you to optimize your PDF with smart cropping in different modes such as black and white, color, Grey, Sky-blue, etc.
  • This app helps to turn scans into clear and sharp PDFs.
  • You can arrange your documents within folders and subfolders.
  • You can Share and upload PDF files or JPEG format files to other apps.
  • You can take print of the scanned document directly from the app.
  • You can scan, create and share the QR Code with this app.
  • This app helps you to turn your old documents into clear and sharp ones by removing the noise.
  • One of the easy scanners from which you can create a PDF in numerous sizes from A1 to A6.
  • This all also has a flashlight option which helps you to scan documents in low light as well.
  • This has an OCR text recognition facility, which means you can scan the text in any image and then edit and share with any other apps.

Kaagaz Scanner App – Best Indian Document & Pdf Scan

Kaagaz Scanner App

Kaagaz Scanner App

App NameKaagaz Scanner – Cam Scanner, PDF Maker & Scanner
Developed byKaagaz Apps
Ratings4.5 ⭐
Size15 MB

Install – Kaagaz Scanner App

Kaagaz Scanner app is one of the best scanner apps to download in 2023. It is made in India and has recognized by the government of India. Kaagaz simply means ”a paper”, so Kaagaz scanner is nothing but Scanning a paper or sheet. It is offered by Kaagaz Apps released on 12th June 2020.  This is one of the best alternatives for Cam Scanner.

  • This app allows you to scan documents easily.
  • You can convert images into PDF effortlessly.
  • The flashlight feature of this app helps you to capture an image of the document in low light.
  • This is a completely free and offline scanning app.
  • This app allows you to clear noise from the document and create Crystal clear ones.
  • Auto edge detection feature helps to auto-crop the images.
  • You can optimize your documents with filters like original, black and white, magic color 1, magic color 2, and Gray.
  • Along with easy scanning, it also allows you to share your documents through mail, cloud, etc.

Scan Karo App – Best Cam Scanner Alternative App

Scan Karo App

Scan Karo App

App NameScanKaro – Cam Scanner, Scan PDF – Made in India
Developed byPodeo Tech
Size8.4 MB

Install – Scan Karo App

ScanKaro is another Indian app offered by Podeo Tech, released on 15th June 2020. The second part of the app name Karo means “do”.

  • Like the two of the scanner app for android mentioned above this app too allows you to scan documents easily.
  • You can save and share the documents in the form of PDF or JPEG format via other apps like email, cloud, Bluetooth, WhatsApp, etc., for free.
  • This application provides a high-quality scanner and smart cropping features which ensures scanned documents are clean and sharp.
  • You can optimize your documents with color, black and white, and gamma modes. This is one of the good apps to digitize any kind of documents.

Prodoc Scanner App

Prodoc Scanner App

Prodoc Scanner App

App NameProdoc Scanner – (Made In India) PDF Creator & OCR
Developed byAwessam Apps
Size16 MB

Install – Prodoc Scanner App

Prodoc scanner is offered by Awessam Apps, released on 4th September 2020.

  • Prodoc Scanner is a smart camera scanner that has the features like auto crop the captured images and removes shadows over the document.
  • This app supports multiple scanning modes such as single mode and batch mode. This means that you can process a single image or you can snap many images and then process.
  • Prodoc Scanner supports the OCR text recognition feature. That allows you to scan text on any image and edit in 100+ languages.
  • You can share password-protected PDFs with low, medium, and high resolution.
  • You can create and import backups.
  • You can scan your documents in low light effectively.
  • This app itself has PDF protecting facility in which you can share or move your PDF to internal storage with a password.

Scanezy Scanner Pdf App

Scanezy Scanner Pdf App

Scanezy Scanner Pdf App

App NameScanezy Scanner – India’s No1 Doc Scanner and PDF Manger
Developed bySwadeshi labs (Official Site – ezyscanner)
Size47 MB

Install – Scanezy Scanner Pdf App

Scanezy Scanner app is one the best Indian documents scanning apps which is developed by Swadeshi labs and released on 17th July 2020. This is a completely free document Scanner app in the market.

  • Scanezy Scanner allows you to take images and process them. Them
  • You can crop your documents or images and share them with other apps in PDF or JPEG format.
  • One of the best apps to digitize your documents such as certificates, receipts, business cards, etc.
  • Smart crop and auto enhancing features of this app help to scan your documents clear and sharply.
  • You can scan your documents with high-quality and premium colors.
  • You can use this app as an image editor As this app has many image processing tools.
  • You can process a single image or you can select multiple images and then process.
  • This app has an inbuilt PDF viewer from which you can view external PDFs.
  • This is user-friendly and has no ads and does not require any login or sign-up. 

These were the best Indian alternatives of Cam Scanner to scan your documents with premium features at no cost. So give them a try as they are no less than any other country’s applications. Our team also come up with an iPhone user app list like most iPhone user search scanner app for iPhone free.

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