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(Official) Cyber WhatsApp APK Download Latest Version 2023

Cyber Whatsapp is The best  Modified version of Whatsapp where you can do all the Basic things of Whatsapp Along with It provides you with additional features like downloading other people’s Statuses, Watching other people’s Statuses without letting them know, Hide Blue ticks, Changing multiple themes and much more.

What makes Cyber-Whatsapp different from the hundreds and thousands of other apps is the fact that it’s not just filled with additional functionalities but is also super safe and secure.

There are hundreds of Whatsapp Modification applications available But we highly Recommend You to Download & Use – “ Cyber-Whatsapp “.

Why Cyber Whatsapp?

Cyber WhatsApp

cyber whatsapp Apk Download

Latest Version

Download Cyber Whatsapp Old Version

There are many Whatsapp mods available on the Internet but they differ in their features & Security.

So The Best Whatsapp Mod is “ Cyber – Whatsapp“.

App NameCyber – Whatsapp
Size57 MB
DeveloperGB Apks
Last updated3 Days Ago.


  • App Lock for Whatsapp.
  • Download Stories of Others.
  • Freeze Last seen.
  • Hide Blue Tick after Seen.
  • Hide Typing in chat.
  • Hide Viewed Status.
  • Turn Off Whatsapp calls.
  • Read Deleted messages.
  • Message Scheduler.
  • Direct Message A number.
  • Custom Themes. [4000+ Themes]
  • Hide media from the gallery.
  • Enable Always Online.
  • Custom Chat Wallpaper per contact.

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App Lock for Whatsapp

Sometimes We need an app lock only for a specified app only, In such a case we need to download an app lock from the play store, which keeps useless space in your device.

To Solve such a problem Cyber-Whatsapp has in-Build App lock software so that You can lock your Cyber-Whatsapp, It also Supports Fingerprint locks.

Download the Status of other

While Using Whatsapp we once Thought of downloading Any Status we liked But for doing so you have to go to a Status Downloader website on the Browser and download it.

But Wait Here is your Solution !!! You can download anyone’s Status on your Whatsapp itself. The speed of Downloading Status is Max ( 2-3 Seconds ).

Freeze Last Seen

One of the superb features of Cyber – Whatsapp is you can freeze your last seen. So that Others can’t see you are online. They will see the last time you have to freeze your last seen. Thus You can use Whatsapp without knowing anyone.

Hide Blue tick after seen

Sometimes We want to read someone’s message but don’t want to let them know that we have read their messages. If you are also searching for such a Trick. Then this app provides you an option to Hide Viewed Messages, So they don’t Know Whether you have read their messages or not.

Hide Typing While Chat

Just like Hiding seen messages in the chat, You can Also hide your Typing Status. Others can’t view that you are typing any message to them. If You are Slow Typer, You can definitely Use it so that others can’t see How much time you take to write a message.

Hide View Status

One More feature of this app is you can view Anyone’s Status on Whatsapp, and He/She will know that you have seen their status. You can Turn On all these Anonymous Features Under the privacy tab.

Turn Off Whatsapp Calls

If you are tired of Whatsapp calls, Then this feature is only for you. You can Turn off Whatsapp calls and it will show – ” This user does not support Whatsapp calls “. You can also do it for custom users also, Whom you do not want calls.

Read Deleted messages Status.

Nowadays it’s very common that after sending a message someone deletes it & we can’t able to see that message.

But Cyber-Whatsapp provides you with this feature, You can see the deleted messages of anyone as well as deleted Status of anyone.

Message Scheduler.

We all wait until 12 AM for wishing someone a ” Happy Birthday “, But you don’t have to wait now !! Cyber – Whatsapp provides you with a feature that you can type the message earlier and it will automatically At the scheduled time.

Direct Message A number

If you have to send an urgent message to an unsaved number on Whatsapp, First you have to save that number in your phone, but cyber – Whatsapp provides you a custom message option.

You Can message any number without saving, Only you have to type the number along with the country code and click on send message option.

Custom Themes.

If you have also tired of the same Whatsapp theme that green Whatsapp, Then You can definitely Try “Cyber-Whatsapp“. It provides you with 4000+ Best Whatsapp Themes that you can use in your Whatsapp to look more attractive and lovely.

Hide media from the Gallery.

Do you also want that your Whatsapp images to not come in your gallery and only remain in your Whatsapp? Cyber-Whatsapp also provides you with this option. You can hide all your Whatsapp images from your gallery.

Enable Always Online

If you want to show yourself always “Online”, even if you are offline, Cyber-Whatsapp can do this amazing task also. If you turn on this option in cyber-Whatsapp it will show you always online 24/7 even if you are offline.

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Custom Chat Wallpaper

You can also use custom wallpaper per contact feature of cyber-Whatsapp. In official Whatsapp, you can only use one wallpaper for every contact, which is too boring. Thus, Cyber – Whatsapp you an Option so you can use different wallpaper for different people.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I see the message without Blue Tick?

Yes, Cyber – Whatsapp provides you with a feature that you can see anyone’s message and He/She will not get a blue Tick in your chat.

Can I download anyone’s Status?

yes, you can Download anyone’s Status without any external app.

My account will be banned?

Absolutely Not !! Your account will not be banned for using Cyber WhatsApp if you follow the Official WhatsApp Terms and Conditions.

Can I hide WhatsApp images from the gallery?

Yes  !! You can hide WhatsApp images from the gallery.

Can I upload more than  30 Seconds of Status in Cyber WhatsApp?

Yes !! You can upload 2 min 30 seconds status in Cyber – WhatsApp.


Cyber WhatsApp is the only app that supports all the premium Features of Whatsapp. It’s also the best application in terms of Security. You can also read the “ Terms and Conditions “ of Cyber WhatsApp.It is the best Whatsapp Mod Application, One must Use it once. Try Cyber WhatsApp Now !!

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