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Finger Print Applock Apk Download Latest Version

We are back with another app Finger print AppLock apk that will take you back in old memories. Where we only have a pattern or password lock in our phone.

But at that time fingerprint does not come in midrange phones and many of us install apps from the play store that claims that these apps can unlock our apps with our finger photo but the maximum of apps are making us fool.

Finger print AppLock apk, came with many password protection as well like you can use pattern lock, password lock, and Finger print lock as well. This is one of the best apps available at that time. and this app secures apps like a charm.

This app is not available on the play store but we give the download link to download it from here scroll down and download the Finger Print app lock app.

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Download Finger Print AppLock apk Latest Version

Finger Print App Lock apk

Finger Print AppLock apk

App NameFinger Print AppLock
Play storeNot available

Finger Print App Lock Features –

  • You can hide your text, call, sms, email, settings apps, and many more and secure your personal life.
  • Your privacy is properly protected with this app lock and your Facebook, WhatsApp, the App Store, Messenger, Snapchat, Instagram, and… Secure your phone and personal information too with this app.
  • Fingerprint AppLock can hide your personal pictures and videos. It will disappear from the library and appear only in photos and videos.
  • This App Lock has a cool feature to make the lock invisible.
  • This app’s privacy key makes it incredibly kid-friendly for securing your kids’ phones.
  • Fingerprint lock is supported in this app
  • You can Lock the app using passwords, fingerprints, security passwords,s and many more.
  • Move photos, videos, and movies to private storage using the auto-remove hidden picture from the gallery wall feature of the photo storage and folder lock app.
  • You can even lock the app privacy screen to create a privacy screen.
  • You can Block apps to set automatically after a particular time an app on your home screen to help you prevent an unknown person.
  • You can also Protect your emails, SMS, calls
  • There is an Option to make the icon invisible on the screen that’s cool right, people won’t see your lock screen when you open it. More protection!
  • You can easily close phone apps, and easily open phone apps from the app menu with one click
  • Data Protection: Deleting apps data if login fails multiple times (maybe not you available)

You must first set your fingerprint by configuring your phone in order for the app to generate a password for it. When enabled, the fingerprint lock screen will be used to unlock the display; otherwise, a pattern or password must be entered to lock the display.

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1. How can I protect my phone?

You must at least block these applications: 

To stop someone from downloading apps that restrict apps, use settings and Google Play.

2. How can your password be changed?
AppLock, select Settings from the menu, then click Change Password.

3. How may AppLock be turned off or removed?
To download the Smart Locked app, you need a password. If you forget it, you may reset it using your private email.

4. I forgot my password, how do I find it?
Enter your security email and click “reset password”.


At last, I want to say that you can use this Finger Print Applock apk for entertainment purposes. Nowadays many people are not interested in this but that expression of the old phones they relate to this. And you try once for fun purposes.

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