Best android games for offline

Best Android Games For Offline Under 100 Mb

Hello guys, I am here with a new post on Best Android Games For Offline.

Here are some of the coolest and interesting games that you should play during your boring or free time. As we all know that mobile data is very important for us, so we have chosen those games which take lesser data to download and gives us full enjoyment and fun. These games are also top in their category like action, arcade, multiplayer, etc. and have decent graphics as we expect from small size games, these are also present free of cost in play store. Also, these games have simple controls like run, jump, shoot, collect, etc. with various modes and difficulty levels that can be chosen according to the user.

Best Android Games For Offline

This is the list of top 5 Best Android Games For Offline under 100 Mb that you should install and play it right now:-

  1.  Alto’s Odyssey
  2.  Sky Dancer Run
  3.  Shadow fighter
  4.  Knife Hit
  5.  8 Ball Pool

Here are some of the information and download links of these Best Android Games For Offline. Let’s check it out these games one by one…

alto's odyssey game

alto’s odyssey

1. Alto’s Odyssey

Cost:- Free

Size:- 73 Mb

Ratings:- 4.5 out of 5

Alto’s Odyssey is an endless desert running game with cool music and with excellent graphics. To play these games you have to simply jump over sand dunes and obstacles like sandstorms, swirling wind vortexes, shooting stars, etc while automatic running in desert paths. you will get six unique characters in it that have their attributes and abilities. It also has various modes like zen mode and photo mode. I recommend everyone to wear headphones while playing Alto’s Odyssey because it has the best background music for relaxation.

sky dancer run

sky dancer run – running game

2. Sky Dancer Run

Cost:- Free

Size:- 96 Mb

Ratings:- 4.2 Out of 5

Sky Dancer Run is also a running-based game in which you have to simply run endlessly and jump across obstacles, this game has a simple control that can be controlled by just tapping with fingers on both sides of the screen. It has very minimalist graphics with decent background music. In this game, you have run and jump through the various piece of the island and different weather changes which looks very soothing and you have to conquer all the dangers. when you play Sky Dancer Run you became very addicted after some time and you will give a dare to own that why I am not able to pass more and more levels.

shadow fighter games

shadow fighter games

3. Shadow Fighter

Cost:- Free

Size:- 33 Mb

Ratings:- 4.6 Out of 5

Shadow Fighter is a fighting and action game in offline mode. In this game, there is a series of battles you have fought with zombies and after 5 levels of fierce battle, you have to fight with a big monster. This game has decent graphics with the normal soundtrack but the battle you fought with zombies gave you an amazing experience.

The game has simple controls like tapping the running button, jumping the button, and while running you have to slash the enemies. It also has different modes, levels more than 50, various weapons to attack the zombies and at last, you also get 5 different characters that you can upgrade successively by playing more and more levels. From the latest news, Shadow Fighter will also get a new map and another update very soon.

Knife Hit

Knife Hit game

4. Knife Hit

Cost:- Free

Size:- 55 Mb

Ratings:- 4.3 Out of 5

Knife Hit is also an offline knife hitting game that is very cool and you should play it right now. In this game, you have to simply hit with a knife on a round rotating log and you have to destroy the log board as fast as possible by hitting with the knife, But you have to take care of that you should not hit knife on the previously hit knife on the log. Knife Hit has simple control of tapping and has nice graphics also. You will also get apples on the log board and when you beat the boss that comes after every 5th stage new knife will also be unlocked with their special characteristics.

8 ball pool apk

8 ball pool game

5. 8 Ball Pool

Cost:- Free

Size:- 58 Mb

Ratings:- 4.5 Out of 5

8 Ball Pool is the world’s Number 1 Pool game that can be played offline as well as online mode. This game can be played offline in practice mode with your friend as well as the computer. It has very simple and clean graphics and controls that an individual can easily in a short time. In this game, you have to earn more and more chips so that it can be used for exchanging with pool cues that have more power, spin, and time. A lot of tournaments are running always so that you can earn a lot of chips and 8 Ball Pool also offers different playing tables according to your bet amount.

⇒ Here is the list of some more Best Android games for offline that you should also play, But the above Games are more interesting in category first you should play the above games then try these games:-

6. Subway Surfers

7. Hill Climb Racing

8. Ludo King

9. Mini Militia

10. Beach Buggy Racing

You can search and download these games directly from the play store and enjoy all the games. Must comment down below how was the experience related to these games and Don’t forget to share with your family and friends.

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