Best Android Games Offline free For 2Gb RAM

Best Android Games Offline free For 2Gb RAM Under 100 Mb

If you follow us we cover this topic previously too Best Android Games For Offline. Now the new year came and we came with the topic again with new games of Best Android Games Offline free Under 100 Mb.

Many Android games are being developed every day. People enjoy killing their spare time by playing various games. The main aspect that matters while installing any game is the size of that particular game.

So this is an article that informs you about the best android games under 100MB. The following are the games that are free of cost (in-app purchases are available) with high graphics.


Let’s discuss on them one by one why you should install these offline android games on your phone or those who just want to know the list you can, but I can surely say that you will not regret installing any of these offline games in your phone.


Best Android Games Offline Free under 100MB 2022

As you see the 8 Best Android Games Offline free Under 100 Mb here. I know now you guys know the games list, but I can say that at least read the short description of every game to know a little bit about it.

  1. Benji Bananas
  2. Alto’s Adventure
  3. Energy: Anti Stress Loops
  4. Death Pipe
  5. Ninja Dash Run – Offline Games
  6. Star Legends
  7. FPS Command Shooting Game 3D
  8. 7 Days! : Mystery Visual Novel

Best Adventure game for android on Play Store

Benji Bananas

Benji Bananas offline android game

Benji Bananas Game

App NameBenji Bananas (Adventure game)
Ratings4.2 ⭐
Offered byAnimoca Brands

Install – Benji Bananas Game

Benji Bananas is one of the best android games offline free under 100 MB

  • In this game, you have to swing a monkey to get forward and make your ride through several terrains such as forests, waterfalls, etc., with a lot of hurdles in between.
  • This game has lovely cartoons and sketches. The background voice of the monkey just drives me crazy.
  • You need to collect bananas and chilies to increase your score and you can use these bananas to unlock more special features like jetpack, eagle ride, and you can also unlock various skins for the snakes in the jungle landscape various ropes. You can even dress up the monkey in different clothes.

I personally love this game. This is a completely stress-relieving game. As you have to save the monkey from snakes, tigers, etc the game is adventurous as well.


Best Action Game on Android Under 100mb

Alto’s Adventure

Alto's Adventure Action game

Action Game

App NameAlto’s Adventure (Action Game)
Downloads 1Cr+
Offered byNoodlecake Studios Inc

Install – Alto’s Adventure Game

Alto’s Adventure is one of the best android games offline free under 100 MB developed by Noodlecake Studios Inc. This game is an endless snowboard journey on the hard snow along the peak of the mountains.

  • Llamas will be escaping from you down the mountains. You need to grab the snowboard and chase them. This game is all about chasing the llamas and saving them.
  • Along the way, you will have to jump over the rocks and on the bunting line, collect the coins.
  • You can exchange the collected coins at the Izel’s workshop that is situated in the village.
  • After every jump makes sure that you land safely.
  • This game has one button trick system, which is easy to learn.

Alto’s adventure is quite an interesting game. The graphics, the background music, interesting tasks, and the dynamic lightning just drive you crazy to get forward in the game.

Best Puzzle Game on Play store under 100mb

 Energy: Anti Stress Loops

Best puzzle android game under 100mb

Energy: Anti Stress Loops

App NameEnergy: Anti Stress Loops (Puzzle game)

Install – Energy Loop Game

Energy: Anti-stress loops Is also one of the best games under 100 MB developed by It has a simple interface and is very easy to play it will definitely reduce the stress if you are facing anxiety issues.

  • All you need to do is to rotate the lines to interconnect them and make a loop.
  • Just tap the lines to rotate them and if one bolt and one line are connected the line will shine.
  • This game does not require intelligence, it’s just a matter of a single tap. But yeah this will surely improve your creativity.
  • 2 levels per day are enough if you have any OCD or anxiety issues.
  • It hardly takes 20 seconds to complete a circuit so this is the perfect game to play in short intervals.

Best Android Racing Game on Play store

 Death Pipe

Best racing game on play store Death pie

Death Pie Racing game

App NameDeath Pipe (Racing Game)
Offered byAnion Software

Install – Death Pie Racing Game

Death pipe is also one of the wonderful games developed by Anion Software, that have dynamic graphics with dangerous obstacles.

  • You need to fly along the endless pipe to increase your score.
  • You have to cross the dangerous obstacles and the background music will increase your heartbeat.
  • You have to move on the pipe that is moving faster.
  • As you move across the pipe there will be numerous alternative barriers, these actually make the game more fascinating.

This is truly an adventurous game. It is not as easy as it looks.

Best Arcade Game for Android on Play store

Ninja Dash Run – Offline Games

Best Arcade game for android under 100 mb

Ninja Dash Run – Offline Games

App NameNinja Dash Run – Offline Games (Arcade Game)

Install – Ninja Dash Run 

Ninja Dash Run is one of the best adventurous games with epic anime graphics.

  • This is the game where you run to save your life, at the same time you also have to kill all other enemies including demons, devils and epic bosses.
  • The right side tap will make your Ninja character attacks the enemies while the left tap will make you jump to avoid enemy attacks.
  • There are eight different anime arcade scenarios in this game. This game can be played online or offline.
  • You have an option to choose between various ninja characters with different ninja weapons.

This is one of the funniest ways to kill the time. Ninja Dash Run game is easy to play and heroic at the same time.

Best Role Playing Android game on Play Store

Star Legends

Best Role playing games on Android Star Legends

Star Legends Game

App NameStar Legends
Offered bySpacetime Studios

Install – Star Legends Game

Star Legends is one of the science fiction games. In this game, you will get to explore a vast sci-fi universe.

  • Star Legends is a multiplayer game.
  • You can play this game with various players around the world.
  • This game includes futuristic adventures in the hijacked space ships, alien invaded asteroids, and developed science laboratories covered in mystery.
  • You can choose to play as a commando, operative or engineer.

Best Offline Games like free fire Under 100mb

Real Commando 3D Shooting Game

Best offline games like free fire under 100mb

FPS Gun Shooting Games Offline

App NameReal Commando 3D Shooting Game (Offline Shooting game)
Offered byOffline Games Gallery

Install – Real Commando 3D Shooting Game

Real commando 3D shooting game is a shooting game developed by Offline games gallery.

  • Real Commando 3D shooting game is a gun shooting game.
  • This game is also been called a fauji game. This game can be played offline.
  • This game has pretty good graphics with numerous types of guns.
  • This game gives the feel of free fire. Like any other shooting game, it is also an addictive one.


Best Story Game On Android under 100mb

7 Days! : Mystery Visual Novel

Best Story game for android under 100mb

Story Game

App Name7 Days! : Mystery Visual Novel (Story game)
Offered byBuff studio (Story Games, Calm Games)

Install – 7 Day’s Mystery Visual Novel Game

7Days!: Mystery Visual Novel is an incredible secret story and the choice-based game developed by Buff studio under 100 MB.

  • Users can create their own unique stories according to their choices.
  • Every small choice you make will change the story and the relationship with your comrades and also change your fate in difficult situations.
  • The character of you as a comrade is completely based on your choices.
  • There will be the story of dead spirits. They are assigned the tasks. It’s up to their choice whether to work together or attack one another.
  • This game has stunning graphics and the story switches from life to death and vice versa.

If you like reading novels and if you are interested in mystery stories you must definitely give it a try.

These were the best android games offline free under 100 MB I chose to recommend you. They are just awesome so try them out.

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