Download Revanced apk latest version

DOWNLOAD YouTube ReVanced Apk Latest Version

The updated version of the discontinued “YouTube Vanced” (YouTube Mod APK) is now  is known as “YouTube ReVanced APK.”

An application called YouTube Vanced was created so users could benefit from YouTube Premium’s premium features. People are missing the features of the App since it was formally shut down. As a result, the creators created YouTube Revanced Apk, which has more sophisticated features. All of the features from the advanced app are present in the app. Furthermore, users can access new features. PIP Mode, Dark Mode, an ad-free experience, and other features are some of the New Revised Apk’s features.


youtube revanced apk latest version

youtube revanced apk latest version

App NameYoutube ReVanced APK
Latest Versionv0.0.17
Size40 – 60 Mb Varies
MOD InfoPremium, No ADS
Requires Android5.0 & Above

Download Youtube Revanced APK

Also, you have to install the Vanced MicroG app

Download Vanced MicroG APK

If you want to Mod the Official Youtube music app You have to download Specific this version(There are many versions of official Youtube music that support it.)

Download Youtube Music Vanced APK


How to Install the Latest YouTube Revanced Apk Latest Version

The ReVanced Apk installation instructions are listed below. But first, you need to be aware that the Apk requires microG to function. Therefore, microG must be downloaded and installed and recommended youtube official youtube version

  • First, download all three application revanced app, youtube app recommended version and microG Apk into your phone
  • Now First Revanced Apk.
  • Open Revanced app and then if youtube is supported it will show you to patch
  • otherwise Installs Recommend youtube version.
  • Then install microG and youtube recommended version.
  • Then open again Revanced app
  • Select the youtube app and select Patch youtube App
  • I recommend you to select only these option in patching (Otherwise it ask you to install them on root device)
  • Video ads
  • General Ads
  • Downloads
  • MicroG Support
  • Settings
  • Minimized Playback
  • Custom Playback Speed
  • Click on patch
  • Wait a couple of minutes after then click on install.
  • That’s It Now enjoy Youtube Premium on the Official youtube app

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The ReVanced App has the following features that you can use after installing the Apk on your device.

  • Ad-Free: YouTube Advanced Apk’s lack of advertisements is its most alluring feature. Unwanted advertisements are easily removed.
  • Works As YouTube: Similar to the YouTube Advanced Update in terms of functionality and user interface.
  • Multitasking: Users are able to minimise the video screen and perform other tasks concurrently.
  • Background Play:  Users can also play the video in the background by using the Background Play feature.
  • Swipe Controls: Volume and brightness can be changed using the swipe controls.
    PIP Mode: The PIP Mode is included in the Apk. Only Android versions 8.0 and up are compatible with it.
  • Auto Repeat Option: You can listen to your favourite music nonstop and continuously thanks to this Apk feature.
  • No Root: No rooting of the user’s device is required to use the app.
  • Dark Mode: Users have the option of switching between the Dark and Bright Modes. Users can select the mode of their choice. You can save power and protect your eyes by using the dark mode.
  • Annotations Settings:  The display of annotations and suggestion cards is entirely up to the user. They have the option to enable or disable them as desired.
  • Use With YT: YouTube Revanced can be used in conjunction with the official YouTube app.
  • Support: The app needs Android 4.3+ or higher and is extremely stable.
  • Real AMOLED dark mode is present to conserve energy and avoid eye strain.
  • You can watch and listen to your favourite videos and songs on repeat using the auto-repeat feature.


YouTube revanced Apk, you have many of customising choices. Here are a few examples.

  • You are able to change the screen resolution. The 4K viewing is made clearer by this function. Depending on your preference, you can change the resolution of your video from high to low.
  • Users have the option to overrule codec selections, such as forcing VPN or H.264 on dated hardware.
  • Users can see the videos at playback speeds ranging from 0.25 to 2X.
  • Users can disable 60 FPS and HDR playback to enjoy a more cinematic experience.
  • You can switch between the home ads, UI Ads, and Community posts, get rid of comments and disable compact banners.


  • A new way to prevent unwanted sponsor promotions (where the YouTuber puts a service or product ad in the middle of a video)
  • Additionally, it enables you to bypass intros, outros, and solicitations for subscriptions and likes.
  • Use the API found here. To understand more about how this API works
  • Contains the choice to contribute to the community and submit your sections to the API.
  • Total control over whether a sponsored segment is skipped automatically, with a skip button displayed, or not at all.
  • highlights the sections in the timeline/seek bar in a particular colour in accordance with their type.


Describe ReVanced.

YouTube Premium’s replacement is YouTube revanced Apk. It is a sequel to the App if you are familiar with the Vanced App. All of the Vanced App’s features are included in the new app, along with many others. To use its most recent features, you can download the apk file.

What is the brand-new YouTube Advance?

On March 13, 2022, YouTube Vanced was discontinued. It took place following the creators receiving a cease and desist letter from Google. The YouTube Vanced sequel was eventually released on June 15, 2022. To use the features of YouTube Vanced as well as many new ones, download the apk file.

Does YouTube have a different Vanced?

You may find a lot of options on the Internet if you’re looking for a YouTube Vanced substitute. Do they operate similarly, though? If so, are the features identical? Always on my mind are these queries. Apps vary in their usefulness and level of safety. Numerous of them, nonetheless, are useful. You can switch to the YouTube Revanced App to use all of YouTube Vanced’s capabilities along with some more sophisticated ones.

How can I reclaim my YouTube Vanced?

The YouTube Vanced cannot, regrettably, be recovered. Because the App was formally discontinued in March 2022, You can, however, upgrade to its more recent version if you want to take advantage of the same features. ReVanced is the follow-up to Vanced and includes many new features in addition to the original ones. You can think of it as the upgrade or follow-up to the Vanced App. With the ReVanced App, taking advantage of YouTube’s premium features has become much simpler.


That was all about the Youtube Revanced Apk, which is a follow-up to the Vanced Apk. You can use the information in this article to download the apk file and start enjoying your preferred YouTube content with premium features. Ads that are annoying are no longer an issue. The New Vanced App or its follow-up provides its users with a wealth of features and benefits. About its remarkable features, read the article. You can download and install the ReVanced Apk on your device using the tutorial that is also available. And then begin enjoying how YouTube is working with the premium features.

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